DEC's products make an impact!

TTC's materials and products can be found in real world applications that have demonstrated that Al/SiC is no longer an exotic material of the future but one that is making an impact in high-volume commercial, as well as high-performance military/aerospace electronic applications.

 In early 1991, during the development of what would become the world's first modern electric automobile, the EV1®, it became clear to General Motors engineers that IGBT power inverters using copper base plates would not be able to meet the reliabilty demands of 21st century motorist. The problem stemmed from failure of the solder joint between the base plate and the ceramic die carrier under high power cycling conditions. This problem resulted in rapid catastrophic failure of the module and, accordingly, the automobile's power conversion system. to solve this problem GM chose PRIMECOOL™ Al/SiC base plates that would meet both the module's thermal expansion and thermal dissipation requirements. Although the EV1 is no longer in production, it did mark the beginning of a new era of alternatively powered automobiles.

EV1 is a registered trademark of the General Motors Corporation

In 1997 another groundbreaking vehicle hit the road, this time from Toyota. The Toyota Prius® was the world's first truly hybrid electric/gasoline automobile for the general public. As with the EV1, the Prius's electrical power system uses IGBT power modules, which must survive the rigors of daily driving both for city and highway driving. To ensure the reliabilty of the Prius's drivetrain Toyota chose PRIMECOOL™ Al/SiC base plates for the first of their new generation of hybrid automobiles.

PRIUS is a registered trademark of the Toyota Motor Corporation

Considered one of the most advanced passenger train in the world, the Japan Railway's (JR) new Shinkansen 700 has set a new standard for design, speed, and comfort for mass transportation. The Shinkansen's advanced propulsion system makes use of the latest designs in power conversion, which also includes PRIMECOOL™ IGBT base plates for long-term reliability and enhanced thermal performance.

The Iridium system is the most ambitious communications system ever launched by a non-governmental agnecy. Designed to provide worldwide wireless telephone service regardless of location, the constellation consists of 66low-earth-orbit (LEO) satellites. Due to the need to employ several different types of printed wirining board materials, Motorola engineers selected PRIMECOOL™ printed wiring board cores, based on both PRIMEX™ and PRIMEX Cast™ Al/SiC technologies. The PRIMECOOL™ cores provided mechanical support that minimized vibrational stresses during launch, and they continue to ensure long-term system reliabilty through effective temperature control during satellite rotation in and out of direct solar exposure.

The F-22 Raptor is the United States Air Force's next generation air-superiority fighter. Using a combination of stealth, speed, and advanced weapons and electronic counter-measures, the F-22 provides first-look, first-shot, first-kill capability. The F-22 makes use of TTC's PRIMECOOL™ and PRIMEFLO™ components in several key systems, ranging from the fly-by-wire controls to power generation unit, as well as the heads-up-display panel and electronic counter-measures array.

TTC supplies numerous PRIMECOOL™ and PRIMEFLO™ components for many US and Foreign military aircraft, including the EA-6B Prowler, F-18 Hornet, and Eurofighter Typhoon. In each case, TTC's products have been chosen for their outstanding high quality and outstanding performance in incredibly severe environments.

One of the little known heros of the Kosovo conflict in Yugoslavia in 1999 was the ALE-50 towed decoy. The system, often called a life saver by pilots and flight crews effectively saved numerous aircraft by causing the incoming ground to air missles to hit the decoy and not the aircraft. PRIMECOOL™ components are one of the key components of this system.

As part of the Lockheed-Martin (now BAE Systems) RAD6000 Flight Computer assembly PRIMECOOL™ components have been used in many deep space probes launched over the last several years, including the Mars Pathfinder and the Cassini spacecraft (mission to Saturn). You might say the TTC's Al/SiC products are really out of this world!

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