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Since its founding in 2004 Thermal Transfer Composites, LLC (TTC) has rapidly become one of the world leaders of advanced thermal management materials and solutions for the electronics industry. Today TTC produces thermal management and structural products for systems ranging from telecom satellites and military hardware, to high performance microprocessor assemblies and IGBT power conversion modules for traction and next generation hybrid and fuel cell vehicles.

With over seventy years of combined experience in metal matrix and ceramic engineering, TTC’s management and employees are focused on a drive for excellence through continuous improvement of its cutting edge technologies, development of innovative products, and a pursuit of perfection in customer service. With this synergy, TTC has the foresight and capability to provide its customers with the highest quality products to meet the thermal management challenges of today and tomorrow.

TTC provides system and product engineers the ability to solve thermal and structural problems with high performance material-based solutions, combined with maximum design flexibility. In the past, such problems were typically solved with metal or ceramic solutions, often compromising product performance and/or design. However, TTC approaches the problem differently by combining metals and ceramics to create materials having properties that can meet multiple performance and design specifications, while improving overall system reliability. The results are products having the unique combination of high thermal conductivity – over 250 W/mK, tailorable thermal expansion – 4.5 to 16 ppm/K, low mass – 3 g/cm3, high stiffness 250 to 330 Gpa, and no thermal cycle aging effects (debonding of the filler and matrix over long-term thermal cycling) - i.e. no compromise solutions!

Production Facilities

By incorporating the PRIMEX™ and PRIMEXCast™ processes with state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, TTC operates one of the world's most advanced metal matrix production facilities, producing components with the highest quality at the lowest possible cost. TTC's production processes are based upon an integrated semi-continuous manufacturing system, coupled with flexible manufacturing concepts:

Design: Working from customer requirements and designs TTC’s engineers, using CAD/CAM workstations, can quickly develop and produce quick-turn prototypes and eventually production components

Preform Fabrication: For preform based applications tape casting, low pressure injection molding, high-volume dry pressing and green-machining operations provide the lowest cost preform options currently available.

True Flexible Manufacturing: Part flow through the Primex™ infiltration based production line is continuous regardless of shape, size or complexity, thereby minimizing costs and down times typically required for tooling changes. In addition, unlike competing MMC technologies, TTC’s pressureless process does not require a tool to contain the preform during infiltration, which leads to further cost savings.

Casting Operations: For Primex-Cast™ requirements, TTC supplies aluminum silicon carbide concentrate to approved casting companies to provide die, investment and permanent mold cast components meeting TTC’s high-quality physical and thermal requirements.

Surface Finishing: Using proprietary plating processes, TTC offers nickel, gold, silver, copper, tin, and cadmium surface finishing. These processes yield surfaces with excellent surface coverage, solderability, solder joint reliability, and corrosion protection. TTC’s nickel and nickel-gold plated aluminum silicon carbide components have been successfully tested blister-free up to 450°C in air, suitable for even the most demanding solder bonding requirements. In addition, anodizing, chemical conversion coatings, and epoxy primer coatings are also available.

Custom Part Fabrication: Although the production facilities are optimized for high-volume part fabrication, TTC maintains a complete machine shop with state-of-the-art CNC machining centers that include: milling, grinding, water-jet cutting and electro- discharge machining operations, for quick turn prototype and low-to-moderate volume component production.

With many of TTC's components being used in mission critical systems, quality is viewed in equal measure to the manufacturing operations. TTC is an ISO 9001 certified company with its quality systems based upon modern statistical quality assurance procedures, using the latest in product characterization and inspection equipment.

At TTC our customer commitment starts well before the first part is fabricated and lasts long after the final part is delivered. We seek long-term cooperative relationships with our customers and emphasize "design for manufacturing" concepts early in the product design phase, thereby reducing costs and delivery times. With our belief in continuous improvement, we work with our customers even after production has begun to further reduce costs and improve overall product quality and performance. We also believe that excellence in customer service is the key to success, and with our global sales and support personnel we stand ready to meet the challenge.

TTC's products are changing the way the electronics industry solves thermal management problems. We invite you to find out more about our exciting PRIMECOOL™ and PRIMEFLO™ components - truly cool products for hot applications!

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